Hey imma being very very honest when i say there used to be a time when i loved Abel…and please don’t tell me that i hate him now just because he is with Selena and not Justin..before i start please allow me to explain that this is nothing related to both of them aka Justin and Selena. and now i hate Abel because that guy forgot his woman the one he loved so much (according to some people) and who without a doubt loved him so so so much that i have no words…..Bella is without a doubt one of my fave people in the world because of how and what she is…her independent behavior and way of reacting to different situations..i am so proud of her…and here’s the truth…people just like abelena (and by people i mean some or many selenators) just like abelena because Selena is with someone who is not Justin Bieber…and hey even u know it…they all will be happy as long as she is with any man even a man who doesn’t care about her but Justin Bieber…i don’t know why but I am still trying to figure out why? why do selenators hate Justin so much..oh is it because he made Selena happy?or should i say the happiest?and u people claim to be her fans but don’t want her to be happy??great…very clear….and please for heavens sake don’t tell me she is happy guys what has happened to u all?u r her fans remember?u r selenators?so how come u don’t understand when she is happy and when she is not???god this all is a mes..but i am still counting on Selena…i still have patience and still believe in #jelena rest i leave to u….peace laddies….till then #jelena


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