Isn’t it funny that when both our cuties broke up they still kept coming back for more?i mean don’t u guys ever wonder why they just didn’t give up…even tho they were stupid teens but still…like come on…the whole world was against them…but they still didn’t give up..u know why because they both wanted each other..they decided to go through the storms together…even though they knew the world hated them..they still held on…because only they mattered to each other that time..bless both of them…u can say what u wanna…but its hard when Ur young…they are both the best most popular celebs and even were at that time..but hey they were just kids..they tried to make it work but we cruel people??what did we do??love bothers people doesn’t it???both of the poor kids tried and tried and tried..but hey we didn’t give up on our cruel practices did we???no…we didn’t..we were jealous of seeing people happy…but they love each other so much that even today i still believe and i will forever…#jelena


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